Joaquín Giráldez López

Freelance Mobile Developer

I develop mobile Apps, applying development best practices, generating and creating intuitive user experiences and beautiful Apps in Spain and Internationally. Always ready for new opportunities, you can email me.

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About ITCrom

ITCrom is the personal site of the Mobile Developer Joaquín Giráldez.

Joaquín was born in Segovia, a beautiful city located in the center of Spain.

After completing his studies in Computer Engineering Management Technology, he started working as an iOS application developer in a computer consultant company in Madrid, Spain. During his time there, he improved his knowledge of Objective-C and developed further design and programming skills-oriented towared the Web Front-end, focusing on XHTML, CSS, web standards, javascript, JQuery. It was in this company that he started caring deeply about user experience (UX).

Later he joined a startup team in the world of advertising, where he worked on cross platform application development using technologies such asHTML5 and CSS3, without neglecting iOS applications. Continuing to be creative, working on design, using professional tools for image editing (Adobe Creative Suite).

Following that company he joined another startup, entering into the area of pharmacy, where he developed many projects in the world of medicine, training applications and native CLM. Development for both iPhone / iPad and web. At this stage also began to develop programming skills Java for Android phones.

Now he is a Freelance mobile developer, creating applications for iOS, Android, and the Web. Collaborating in a wide spectrum of projects, from applications for tourism to applications for the transport sector and web portal development. He also dedicates time to develop his own products/apps.

Enthusiastic and an eternal student, he is always striving for excellence in his work.


Most of my work is under NDAs agreements, but fortunately,
I have some visible work.

iOS Development: Pinefor

Application that merges the worlds of fashion and Social Networks. The user can create collections of products he likes, share it with his followers, buy products, follow people and much more.

iOS Development: Lean Hiit

Personal project to build an app for help in the Hiit workout. It has a simple and elegant desing with the basic functions to track the Hiit workouts. You can download the app in the AppStore here.

Android and iOS Development: Aichi Targets

Aichi Targets Passport: This is a cross-platform application (iOS and Android). The Aichi Passport enables users to explore trends in global biodiversity. Indicator updates are presented for each of the twenty Aichi Biodiversity Targets, adopted by the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. This is the website:

The Aichi Passport is produced by the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership (BIP) and is updated regularly with the latest global indicators and trends. The app is available in the AppStore and in Google play.

iOS Development: Seleggio

Personal project to build a mobile app to set the play list for different weddings. Seleggio music group, who plays for weddings, offers a list of versions of famous songs. With this app, they can configure the play list that they want to use at a chosen wedding.

Global Media Press

Desing and web development

Global Media Press is a company that is focused on the tourism sector. I created the website as well as the development and the design of the portal.

Offered services

Mobile Development

Complete native development for your mobile app, iOS or Android or both. I also offer outsourcing to help you define the project you need. I can also work together with your IT departament, to help them to complete your mobile project.

Web Development

Your site will be built using web standars and preferibly open source/COTS technologies ( XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP.NET MVC4 , PHP, MySQL ). I am focused on the best User Experience(UX) and Responsive Design. I can sub divide your design and translate it into an XHTML/CSS compliant site.

Web Apps

If you need is to create a web application, I can develop this HTML5 and CSS3, or use the development tools like Sencha or PhoneGap to make a cross platform app.

CMS implementation

Need a website with a dinamic admin interface and on budget? I'll do it with Wordpress, Symphony, Joomla, Drupal.

Joaquín Giráldez López

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Remember i am always ready for new oportunities, you can email me.

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